Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm worried. Worried about many things. My head gonna burst. I'm super anxious. How how how how how? This is killing me.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I like the rain early in the morning. But going to school is a problem. ): and and and... I ate bean curd today like finally. I miss the bean curd alot. HAHAHAHHAH, I bought for mummy too! :D . Super super nice bean curd. Lucky is just opposite school, don't have to travel far. I feel like eating ramen now. ): . Aww, school is boring as usual. ): Anyway, shall end here. Baibai.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I just came home from The Sail. Had steamboat with Selina, Klion, Jae, Jun xian, clement & Dexter. Damn fun! :D . I had fun laughing at Clement who's drunk. Funny max. The drunken prawn is the best man. Love love love it.

Anyway, I had been stuck with Miyavi for a long time that I neglected Gazette. I like gazette latest song,

I have to admit that his english really sucks.

Today first day of school. ): . I feel abit, sian. Hahahahaha, boring. But meeting friends is fun. And thanks SiJia for the tarepanda. I'm really happy. HNahaha! <

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My ulcers is getting me kind of pissed off. Hahahahaha! Yesterday just realise, it's actually 3 ulcers growing on one spot. ): . I bit my lip the other time.. I WANT TO CRY NOW. I seriously cannot laugh and eat properly. ): . So many days liao. And, I'm super tired right now. Run two place. Geez. Woke up 7am in the morning. Sigggggghhh, school reopening soon too. Like two more days.. I want cry. Haahahahaha, tiring day. I want another bean curd. byeeee!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm pretty bored right now. I can't sleep & it's early in the morning 3.19am. I tried to sleep but can't. And played Bejeweled on Facebook, but still... Very boring after all. I feel like eating slice fish noodle. ._. . Plaaaaa. I'm going to meet Wifey later & eat nice bean curd. I rarely eat bean curd, but since Wifey say it's nice, shall try it later. Teeheee. And gonna go dance after meeting wifey. TWO PERFORMANCE IN ONE DAY, ON SATURDAY. OMG. HAHAHA. Sure gonna tired like crazy. And school gonna reopen soon. I feel very sad now. ): . Well, incase I won't be back in time to update my blog, I'll post it now. HAHAHA.

I'm finally back. Seriously, the bean curd is super duper delicious! I like!!! I want more! ALMOND BEAN CURD!!!!!!! It melt into your mouth. >< . Not drama okay, it's the truth. Teeheeee.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I had lots of fun today at MG!!! Hahahahaa! Meet up with Liz at Parkway and went to The Sail for her Krump sharing session. She just came back from Korea! Hahahahhaa. Shiok sia. After Liz went off, I went to YMCA with Sel sel. Hahahahha. Damn funny. Sel, Yvonne, Klion and Jun Xian was breaking while I waack. So fun. But I can't laugh properly. D: . I got a big big ulcer on lips. Teeeheeee! Well, they did alot of random stuff. Can't stop laughing. HAHAHAH!! And I gonna get killed tomorrow because I uploaded their video. D: . bye earthlings. bYEBYEE.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Woke up damn early today like 6am. Today planned to go cycling at East Coast Park with Jonas YEO, Brenda YEO, Claralalalalalalallalalala wanton and xiwenzi. LOL. Since the moment we met up to eat lunch, I've been laughing uncontrollably. I don't know why I laughed also. Maybe went a little crazy because I'm tired. Got a little bit too high. (Maybe not a little bit.) After eating, head to ecp to cycle. The sun, is really, killing me. HOT LIKE SHIIIIIT! Zzzz. HAHAHHA. After cycling, we went to arcade a little while for DDR. Hahaha! And we went to Marina Square to eat. (Y). We had much fun. And had heart to heart talk together at Esplanade outside. HHAHAHHA. Laughed alot. (; Awesome outing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


What I do today @ home? Hmmmm. HAHAHAHA, I cook my favourite Japanese Katsu Curry Don! Well well, see my progress. HAHAHA.

Frying the pork cutlet is very troublesome. D: .

Sorry, I look abit aunty. LOL.

Pretty curry in progress.

My Katsu. <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 240px;" src="" alt="" border="0">

Not bad eh.Hahhahhaa, I brought some for Claralalalalalalalala to eat. She say I can be chef liao. :D .anyway, baibai

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Well, I only slept for 5 hours today. Great, -.- . Thought I was gonna rot at home for the whole day. But lucky, nope. HAHAHAHa, Went out with mum and da jie to parkway since going to town will be troublesome cause got road block which lead to traffic jam. Geez. Well, just do some random shopping. Hahahahaha, went to cotton on and bought a new shoes. I'm so in love with it. Also went to Giant to buy ingredients for tomorrow's dinner! Gonna cook Japanese Katsu Curry Don for daddy to celebrate Fathers' Day. :D . Such a sweet daughter right? Well, today was quite a fun day. it's quite funny that I met Claralalalallalalalalala at Giant! HAHHAHA!! Then later, when going home, I met Shu Ting! HAHAHA! As Shu ting was gonna walk down the stairs, she saw Brendaadadadddadadad! HAHAHAHAHA, and I saw Brenda too. Damn qiao. I thought the two of them were together. HAHAHAHA! Brenda mummy took the same bus as me. Hahahahahaha, she go find xiwenwenwenwenwenwenwenzi. (: . I like. {: . Anyway, bye bye.

Friday, June 18, 2010


HELLO, I just now went to eat supper with Xiwen. LOL. Mouth itchy. LOL. We go Indian stall eat. Cause, I'm craving for roti prata. We ordered Mutarbak to share. Damn alot.
Xiwen play cheat one luh. We suppose to split half half de. Then she don't want eat her share!! She throw to me. Then I told her, we play scissors paper stone, lose then eat. HAHAHAHAH, I thought I will win. T.T . Then I force myself to eat, but halfway, I gave up. HAHAHAHA!! Damn full sia!Hahahahahaa byeeeee.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm so dead today. Hahahaha, woke up quite early to eat breakfast. Then use computer awhile and back to sleep again. I was suppose to go for waackin' class but I woke up late. HAHA! Then quickly prepare and rush for the next class, Street Jazz. Woo, first time go for Street Jazz. Abit like girls hiphop. It's very fun! Enjoyed myself today. Teeeheeee. Alright, bye bye!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today raining very very heavily. Such a good weather. I love it, I love it. Especially when you're at home and it's raining. Woken up by the rain at around 10plus to close the windows. Hahahahaha, I think I'm a pig. I ate my lunch with my er jie at home and awhile later back to sleep all the way until 4pm. Teeheee. Then later I went to Music Garage. Awww, no lessons today. Hahahaha, stayed there and use Selina's laptop while she and Jun Xian is doing break dance. Break yo yo yo. Waited for Klion to come then go eat dinner. Dine at MOS Burger. Hahahaha. I ordered my favourite corn soup. But seriously, Plaza Sing's MOS Burger corn soup sucks like shit. Damn not nice. Cheat my feelings. Chatted awhile and went home. AND THEN, when I board the bus, I met my sisters! HAHAHAHA! Ride the bus togetheeeer then go home.

And bloody hell, the weather is super cold. I'm currently facebooking. AHAHHAHA. Having fun. It's currrently 5:30am.. And.. I'm still not sleeping. I'm wearing one thick hoodie and it doesn't even keep me warm. Super cool man.
Peace! ^^v Bye bye.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello people. I was planning to rest a little at home today because I wasn't feeling good. Then Claralallalalala, ask me go Bugis with her and Xiwen. :o . it's been a while since I went out with them. So I agreed and quickly go prepare.

Reached Bugis, we went to Long John Silver for lunch. Don't really want to eat it, because I already sound like Donald Duck. LOL. But it's alright since they wanna eat. {: . Ordered random plaaaa to eat. LOL!

Shopped around Bugis streets and bought some stuffs and went to arcade to have some fun. It's also been so long since I played the DDR machine. (Y). Exciting yo. Hahahahhaha, play like mad with Xiwen on the ddr machine. Now my foot got blisters. Damn painful. Then then, Adeline came to join us. Teeeheeeee.

Later, we find somewhere to slack around. (: . Hahahahahahahaa! Fun people! Talking about random stupid stuff. Peter Chao? HAHAHAAHAH! The four of us tried taking photos lots of times. HAHAHA, WE FAILED ALOT! TOO HARD. Shall practice the skill of self photo taking. Some pictures are not with meeee.
After slacking for awhile, we went to Kinokuniya to look for some books. Claralalalaalala wanna buy book. Surprised. Hahaha! Stayed inside the book store for quite sometime, laughing about random books. Teeeheee! Later we went back to Bugis street again cause lalalalallaa wanna buy her pants. Hahahahahahahahhaahaa. And went to take the bus.

Booohoooo, the bus is really crowded. HAHAHAHHA, couples hugging here and there, so disturbing. HAHAHAHAA, but Xiwen more disturbing. She kept making weird noises. We were laughing really hard in the bus. Plus, the bus is really shaky, stupid bus driver. I CAN DRIVE BETTER THAN YOU MAN. HAHAHAHAA!! Argh, I laugh until out of control. Can't cool down. I swear talking to them can laugh till your tummy hurts. Laughed all the way in the bus from Bugis to Mountbatten. Really tiring cause we laughed too much. Teeeheeee. BAI BAI.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Today I seriously can't sleep at all. I slept at 4am in the morning for 2 hours and woke up at 6am for breakfast. From then on, I couldn't even sleep at all until 1pm. Woke up at 4pm and prepare to go out with Mummy and Second sis to Marina Square. Geez, went to eat at Just Acia again, SO BORING! LOL! They like it anyway. We ordered:

Dory Fish with melted cheese. (Not agaaain.)
Chawanmushi. I don't mind eating this again and again.
Ebi Fried!
And Tom Yam Soup. Oh my god, the Tom Yum Soup is very nice! HAHAHAHAHA! Super nice! Spicy spicy. Later, we went to find Da jie since she is working nearby. Shopped awhile at Marina Square then head to Liang Courts. Hahahah. We went to Kinokuniya Book Store. My magazine is sold out. Sad. Then I reserved one. Teeheeee.

Later, we went to Meidi-ya super market to buy some goods. HAHAHAHA, I BOUGHT MY FAVOURITE
JELLLLLYYYY! Wheee, feel a little happy. Hahahahahhaa!

Tried looking for onigiri.. But can't find any. Sigh, I've been looking for you for months my little onigiri. ):
I have fever now. Damn it, bloody panadol doesn't even help. And I've got no voice. Sian. Geeez. Anyway, today is quite a tiring day. Teeheee, I go play with Rusty Chai. Bye bye!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sigh, I'm feeling super unwell right now. I might faint anytime. ): . I got slight fever and sore throat. ): . It hurts. T.T . Baii...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yesterday went to Music Garage for lessons. Well, I was buying bubble tea before heading to MG. While I was waiting for my bubble tea, came two ahlians. Hahahaha, seriously leh, they are wearing skirts, with heels. Okay, thats not the problem. They cannot stand properly. Oh my god. Very not glam leh. Shaking there legs while standing, worst till wearing heels and skirt. And the way they chew their chewing gumssss!!!! LOL! Their gangster way of chewing gums. Damn gross, mouth open damn big, chew damn loud. Come on, you are girls. -.- . Sigh, I know it is not my problem. ): I also saw people rolled eyes. HAHHAHA. TEEHEEE.

oh anway, Hahahaa, I like Kpop and LA hiphop class. :O . Nice nice! Hmmm, now is currently 2am. Geez, I'm tired yet I don't feel like sleeping. HAHAH. Watching videos! Oooo, I like MASAO's choreography. So nice. Geez.

My muscles are aching like shit. D; .
Well, today had dinner at Just Acia. The queue is suppppeeeeer duuuupppperrr wuuuuupppppeeerr long. Geez, I don't like leh. Tsk. I ate Dory Fish with melted cheese, bleah, after eating a few mouth, I felt verrrry disgusted. Hahahaha, ordered Chanwamushi too.

Free flow of drinks and ice-cream. I guess I only ate like one cup. Wasted. Hahahaha, but didn't have the mood for ice-cream so.. Chill awhile and went home after dinner. Teehee.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

So bored. I went to do facial today. Talked alot with the aunties. Hahahahah, they keep asking me go find part time job. Teehee, I'm lazy you see.. Went home after facial. Hahaha, then accompany brother to go cut his hair. Whee whee, wait for him while playing with his iphone. Angry Birds is very funnnn! :D . Then after cutting hair, we drive to Katong to buy muffins. The muffins very nice! I like! Right after I sit down and chill, my sister call to ask either daddy or my brother to go my aunt's house to collect rice dumplings. Haiyo, and now I just came back with dad. Geez. I shall end with a random picture of the day! :D Baaaii!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's currently 5am in the morning. I'm so bored, I can't sleep. I'm watching facebook videos that I'm laughing so hard till I'm gonna die. Click here. This is a retard video. HAHAH, I like I like. I can hear Selina laughing. HAHAHAHAHHAA. I'm random wheee. Okay, bye. Will be back to update @ night. :D

Hello I'm back. Today I went to dance! First went to The Sail to record our dance video. Teehee. Not bad, Girlfriends. We improved alot on Fire! Hahahaha, we can do better. Teeheee. And took some pictures.

I LIKE SELINA'S FACE! AHAHAHA! Anyway, Sel sel welcome back to Singapore. :D. Later, headed down to YMCA for Music Garage Bboy/Bgirl super jam battle with Selina and Lois since Liz and Clarissa left. Wow, breaking battle got more people to join than usual man. The battle was quite dope. And sel sel, good job on the battle, you did well! Jiayou uh! I see you improved. Teehee. (Y)

Tee heeee! Selina went to Korea and bought me something cute. Hahahahahaha! Panda panty. Thank you sel sel! HAHAHHAHAHAA! I like leh! :D . I don't bear to wear it. Maybe I should frame it up. (Y). And it might bring me good luck. ( just kidding. )
After Super Jam, went off at around 11.30pm. Hahahahaha, I shall not sleep again tonight. Bai bai!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello, people, I went out with the two crazy women above to Orchard again. I had been going Orchard non-stop this few days. Sum Ting Wong with me. We went to fareast to do out nails. Hahaha, my nails very nice. Some of the pictures is with Gina. She might send me tomorrow so, I'll add on the pictures tomorrow! Hahahaha. Here are some pictures took using phones. Whee whee. We also went to Ion. Hahahahaha. (Y)
Octopus. (Y)
Oh, I saw this very nice geek specs at Fareast. Cheap cheap. Bought one, hahaha, very cute, I like.

I'll upload more pictures soon! Bai bai!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh yeah, oh yeah. Didn't sleep until 8am yesterday. Was using msn until 5am and roll around on my bed for 3 hours. I'm crazy. I was woken up by Liz's phone call at 3pm. Blah. And I'm waiting for time to pass a little more faster. Stayed at home and waited for mushrooms to grow for the whole day. I feel like drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Awww, with my baby blanket wrapped around me! :D. Aww awww... Hahahaha, Okay. Bye bye.

Meow, went out with wifey today. She gave me one of the cute panda above. Awww, so sweet. Hahahha, we went to Orchard then Bugis. I don't see any pretty girls around, oh man. Was looking forward to see pretty girls. And, I bought a box of cute and nice panda banana chocolate cookie! :D . It's super nice. I like, I like. And here are some pictures. Woof.

We went to MOS Burger to eat. Surprisingly, I didn't crave for corn soup! Hahahaha! Miracle. Woot, :D . Aiya, bought canmake stuff. Now heart pain. T.T . I can use it for something else! HAHAHAHA! Alright byeee.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ah, I'm so tired right now. Nigahiga's videos are super hilarious. I laugh like mad while watching it. Just came back from dance practice. Oh yeah, oh yeah, I had been playing RO private server. That was such an old school game. Hahaha, but I enjoyed it. Woo, okay. Bye!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hahaha, I like my new blog. I didn't sleep for the whole night. This is miracle. Something's wrong with me, very wrong. The weird thing is, I don't feel tired at all. Usually I would be sleeping like some pigs. I'm very in love with my dear Rusty Chai. I can't stop looking at him when he's sleeping. I'm crazy, I'm crazy, even my sister thinks so. Anyway, I shall go facebook! Bye bye!