Monday, June 14, 2010

Today I seriously can't sleep at all. I slept at 4am in the morning for 2 hours and woke up at 6am for breakfast. From then on, I couldn't even sleep at all until 1pm. Woke up at 4pm and prepare to go out with Mummy and Second sis to Marina Square. Geez, went to eat at Just Acia again, SO BORING! LOL! They like it anyway. We ordered:

Dory Fish with melted cheese. (Not agaaain.)
Chawanmushi. I don't mind eating this again and again.
Ebi Fried!
And Tom Yam Soup. Oh my god, the Tom Yum Soup is very nice! HAHAHAHAHA! Super nice! Spicy spicy. Later, we went to find Da jie since she is working nearby. Shopped awhile at Marina Square then head to Liang Courts. Hahahah. We went to Kinokuniya Book Store. My magazine is sold out. Sad. Then I reserved one. Teeheeee.

Later, we went to Meidi-ya super market to buy some goods. HAHAHAHA, I BOUGHT MY FAVOURITE
JELLLLLYYYY! Wheee, feel a little happy. Hahahahahhaa!

Tried looking for onigiri.. But can't find any. Sigh, I've been looking for you for months my little onigiri. ):
I have fever now. Damn it, bloody panadol doesn't even help. And I've got no voice. Sian. Geeez. Anyway, today is quite a tiring day. Teeheee, I go play with Rusty Chai. Bye bye!

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