Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello people. I was planning to rest a little at home today because I wasn't feeling good. Then Claralallalalala, ask me go Bugis with her and Xiwen. :o . it's been a while since I went out with them. So I agreed and quickly go prepare.

Reached Bugis, we went to Long John Silver for lunch. Don't really want to eat it, because I already sound like Donald Duck. LOL. But it's alright since they wanna eat. {: . Ordered random plaaaa to eat. LOL!

Shopped around Bugis streets and bought some stuffs and went to arcade to have some fun. It's also been so long since I played the DDR machine. (Y). Exciting yo. Hahahahhaha, play like mad with Xiwen on the ddr machine. Now my foot got blisters. Damn painful. Then then, Adeline came to join us. Teeeheeeee.

Later, we find somewhere to slack around. (: . Hahahahahahahaa! Fun people! Talking about random stupid stuff. Peter Chao? HAHAHAAHAH! The four of us tried taking photos lots of times. HAHAHA, WE FAILED ALOT! TOO HARD. Shall practice the skill of self photo taking. Some pictures are not with meeee.
After slacking for awhile, we went to Kinokuniya to look for some books. Claralalalaalala wanna buy book. Surprised. Hahaha! Stayed inside the book store for quite sometime, laughing about random books. Teeeheee! Later we went back to Bugis street again cause lalalalallaa wanna buy her pants. Hahahahahahahahhaahaa. And went to take the bus.

Booohoooo, the bus is really crowded. HAHAHAHHA, couples hugging here and there, so disturbing. HAHAHAHAA, but Xiwen more disturbing. She kept making weird noises. We were laughing really hard in the bus. Plus, the bus is really shaky, stupid bus driver. I CAN DRIVE BETTER THAN YOU MAN. HAHAHAHAA!! Argh, I laugh until out of control. Can't cool down. I swear talking to them can laugh till your tummy hurts. Laughed all the way in the bus from Bugis to Mountbatten. Really tiring cause we laughed too much. Teeeheeee. BAI BAI.

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