Saturday, June 19, 2010

Well, I only slept for 5 hours today. Great, -.- . Thought I was gonna rot at home for the whole day. But lucky, nope. HAHAHAHa, Went out with mum and da jie to parkway since going to town will be troublesome cause got road block which lead to traffic jam. Geez. Well, just do some random shopping. Hahahahaha, went to cotton on and bought a new shoes. I'm so in love with it. Also went to Giant to buy ingredients for tomorrow's dinner! Gonna cook Japanese Katsu Curry Don for daddy to celebrate Fathers' Day. :D . Such a sweet daughter right? Well, today was quite a fun day. it's quite funny that I met Claralalalallalalalalala at Giant! HAHHAHA!! Then later, when going home, I met Shu Ting! HAHAHA! As Shu ting was gonna walk down the stairs, she saw Brendaadadadddadadad! HAHAHAHAHA, and I saw Brenda too. Damn qiao. I thought the two of them were together. HAHAHAHA! Brenda mummy took the same bus as me. Hahahahahaha, she go find xiwenwenwenwenwenwenwenzi. (: . I like. {: . Anyway, bye bye.

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