Thursday, June 24, 2010

I had lots of fun today at MG!!! Hahahahaa! Meet up with Liz at Parkway and went to The Sail for her Krump sharing session. She just came back from Korea! Hahahahhaa. Shiok sia. After Liz went off, I went to YMCA with Sel sel. Hahahahha. Damn funny. Sel, Yvonne, Klion and Jun Xian was breaking while I waack. So fun. But I can't laugh properly. D: . I got a big big ulcer on lips. Teeeheeee! Well, they did alot of random stuff. Can't stop laughing. HAHAHAH!! And I gonna get killed tomorrow because I uploaded their video. D: . bye earthlings. bYEBYEE.

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