Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm pretty bored right now. I can't sleep & it's early in the morning 3.19am. I tried to sleep but can't. And played Bejeweled on Facebook, but still... Very boring after all. I feel like eating slice fish noodle. ._. . Plaaaaa. I'm going to meet Wifey later & eat nice bean curd. I rarely eat bean curd, but since Wifey say it's nice, shall try it later. Teeheee. And gonna go dance after meeting wifey. TWO PERFORMANCE IN ONE DAY, ON SATURDAY. OMG. HAHAHA. Sure gonna tired like crazy. And school gonna reopen soon. I feel very sad now. ): . Well, incase I won't be back in time to update my blog, I'll post it now. HAHAHA.

I'm finally back. Seriously, the bean curd is super duper delicious! I like!!! I want more! ALMOND BEAN CURD!!!!!!! It melt into your mouth. >< . Not drama okay, it's the truth. Teeheeee.

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