Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's currently 5am in the morning. I'm so bored, I can't sleep. I'm watching facebook videos that I'm laughing so hard till I'm gonna die. Click here. This is a retard video. HAHAH, I like I like. I can hear Selina laughing. HAHAHAHAHHAA. I'm random wheee. Okay, bye. Will be back to update @ night. :D

Hello I'm back. Today I went to dance! First went to The Sail to record our dance video. Teehee. Not bad, Girlfriends. We improved alot on Fire! Hahahaha, we can do better. Teeheee. And took some pictures.

I LIKE SELINA'S FACE! AHAHAHA! Anyway, Sel sel welcome back to Singapore. :D. Later, headed down to YMCA for Music Garage Bboy/Bgirl super jam battle with Selina and Lois since Liz and Clarissa left. Wow, breaking battle got more people to join than usual man. The battle was quite dope. And sel sel, good job on the battle, you did well! Jiayou uh! I see you improved. Teehee. (Y)

Tee heeee! Selina went to Korea and bought me something cute. Hahahahahaha! Panda panty. Thank you sel sel! HAHAHHAHAHAA! I like leh! :D . I don't bear to wear it. Maybe I should frame it up. (Y). And it might bring me good luck. ( just kidding. )
After Super Jam, went off at around 11.30pm. Hahahahaha, I shall not sleep again tonight. Bai bai!

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