Thursday, June 10, 2010

So bored. I went to do facial today. Talked alot with the aunties. Hahahahah, they keep asking me go find part time job. Teehee, I'm lazy you see.. Went home after facial. Hahaha, then accompany brother to go cut his hair. Whee whee, wait for him while playing with his iphone. Angry Birds is very funnnn! :D . Then after cutting hair, we drive to Katong to buy muffins. The muffins very nice! I like! Right after I sit down and chill, my sister call to ask either daddy or my brother to go my aunt's house to collect rice dumplings. Haiyo, and now I just came back with dad. Geez. I shall end with a random picture of the day! :D Baaaii!

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