Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today raining very very heavily. Such a good weather. I love it, I love it. Especially when you're at home and it's raining. Woken up by the rain at around 10plus to close the windows. Hahahahaha, I think I'm a pig. I ate my lunch with my er jie at home and awhile later back to sleep all the way until 4pm. Teeheee. Then later I went to Music Garage. Awww, no lessons today. Hahahaha, stayed there and use Selina's laptop while she and Jun Xian is doing break dance. Break yo yo yo. Waited for Klion to come then go eat dinner. Dine at MOS Burger. Hahahaha. I ordered my favourite corn soup. But seriously, Plaza Sing's MOS Burger corn soup sucks like shit. Damn not nice. Cheat my feelings. Chatted awhile and went home. AND THEN, when I board the bus, I met my sisters! HAHAHAHA! Ride the bus togetheeeer then go home.

And bloody hell, the weather is super cold. I'm currently facebooking. AHAHHAHA. Having fun. It's currrently 5:30am.. And.. I'm still not sleeping. I'm wearing one thick hoodie and it doesn't even keep me warm. Super cool man.
Peace! ^^v Bye bye.

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