Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yesterday went to Music Garage for lessons. Well, I was buying bubble tea before heading to MG. While I was waiting for my bubble tea, came two ahlians. Hahahaha, seriously leh, they are wearing skirts, with heels. Okay, thats not the problem. They cannot stand properly. Oh my god. Very not glam leh. Shaking there legs while standing, worst till wearing heels and skirt. And the way they chew their chewing gumssss!!!! LOL! Their gangster way of chewing gums. Damn gross, mouth open damn big, chew damn loud. Come on, you are girls. -.- . Sigh, I know it is not my problem. ): I also saw people rolled eyes. HAHHAHA. TEEHEEE.

oh anway, Hahahaa, I like Kpop and LA hiphop class. :O . Nice nice! Hmmm, now is currently 2am. Geez, I'm tired yet I don't feel like sleeping. HAHAH. Watching videos! Oooo, I like MASAO's choreography. So nice. Geez.

My muscles are aching like shit. D; .
Well, today had dinner at Just Acia. The queue is suppppeeeeer duuuupppperrr wuuuuupppppeeerr long. Geez, I don't like leh. Tsk. I ate Dory Fish with melted cheese, bleah, after eating a few mouth, I felt verrrry disgusted. Hahahaha, ordered Chanwamushi too.

Free flow of drinks and ice-cream. I guess I only ate like one cup. Wasted. Hahahaha, but didn't have the mood for ice-cream so.. Chill awhile and went home after dinner. Teehee.

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