Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yay! Yesterday's performance with girlfs and Jae at Dunman High School was great! I enjoyed it! The crowds were supportive and higggggggggggh. Make me high too. ^^. love them, love them.

Later I'mma going Conrade Hotel for family dinner and stay in. HAHAHA. Enjoy, enjoy. Shall post lots of pictures later. ^^v

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Phew, tiring day. Had training at the sails for tomorrow's performance. I hope won't screw up during performance tomorrow. >< . Did more waackin' freestyle video with Liz.. I think... It's better than yesterday's. Got two though. Take 1 and take 2! HAHAHAH! Take 1.

Take 2


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HELLO, I went to train with girlfs at Music Garage todaaaay. I swear today is a damn fun day. HHAHAHA. Jae never fail to make us laugh. He and his protein thing. HAHAHAHA. "I think you need two pills." Through out the training, keep laughing. HAHAHA. laugh until sweat. Liz also another crappy one. HAHAHAHAHA.

After so long, me and lizzie teo finally video ourselves waackin' freestyle. HAHHA. Battled with her today. Take a looooook. I like her last part.

Xiaoqing vs Liz - waackin' freestyle.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello. Went to meet wife today! Hahahahaha. She bring her bella out to walk walk. Why bella so cute? Why? Hahahahahaaaa. We bring bella to Leisure Park. Hahaha.

Ate the very very nice Korean Rice Cake. Today I tried korean curry flavour. Not bad, not bad. Not spicy though. And also the Tornado potato. Hahahaha. Super nice!

Cute little bellllaaaaaa.

Later went to wifey's house. Eat dinner then use com see pretty girls. And oh yaaaa, I bought this damn cute furry jacket from ! Hahahahahha.

Credits to wifey. :D

Monday, July 26, 2010

I feel damn stupid. Never mind, it's okay to be stupid once in a while, right? Lol.

Ahhhhh, today suddenly have English oral. But surprisingly, I don't feel nervous. Hm hm. Hahahahhahaa. She said my reading was quite fluent. Hope she give me high marks. (: .

OMGGGG, so nice. Hahahahahaha. Ruki still as handsome. Kai still very cute. HAHAHAHAH. And Kai's hair is finally short. LOL.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tired. Very tired. I don't know why. Hahahaha. I need to sleep more. Wish oppa goodluck for his audition! Oppa you can do it! Hahahahaa.

I did a good deed today. I spare a old uncle 2$. Hahahaha. ^^v.

Hmmmm, met uncle beerio. Hmm... ._. . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I eat jelly beans until can die. Thanks to who?! I will never eat jelly beans again. I'll get diabetes man. Eat 16 jelly beans in one shot. Whaaaaat?!

This video damn funnnyyyyy!

I feel like playing l4d2. hmmmmm. Sian. ); . I suddenly feel like.. WAACKIN'. HAHHAHA. Hmm. Okay bye, I go waack. LOL.

Had training at the sails with girlfs. Fun day. Tiring though. Hahahahaha. Class end earlier than expected. Then me and p went off together to play L4D2. LOL. So funnnnn!! Play to kill time cause we had to wait for cipto, fionn, hoon and mu to come. Hmm, the service quite good, gave us 30mins free. LOL. When they come, we went to watch The Blood Pledge. Sucked. Dumb story. LOL. Don't recommend you guys to watch. ): . Unless you guys only wanna scare yourself.

Me and fionn. Hahahha. Bye people. Time to sleep.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hmmmmm weird, I don't know when did I took this picture. HHSAHAHAA. MY DADDY COOK MY FAVOURITE BEEF BALL SOUP NOODLEEEEEE. -HAPPY HAPPY- x100.

ii mm verii b0red desu. ii needd t0 sleepp. iim sh0 bb0red that ii habb t0 twiit desu. L0l0l. cann uee imaqiine muhhzxzx wh0le bl0g typiinq iish liike dhiis? ii bet uee can't readd muhhzzx typinqqzxzx pr0perly desu. L0l... dhiis iish n0rt funn. ii dunnch want tuh type anym0re. buhbyezxzxzxzxzx.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too bored, took many ugly pictures. LOL. Today's weather super awesome. Super cold, I like. Such a nice weather to sleep. I'm going to dance later on. Teeheee.

And damn it, Shinee is so handsome in Lucifer MV. Their dance damn nice. So handsome so handsome.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I think today is a very peaceful day. Hahaha. Love the weather! (Y) Aiyo, wo de ma ya. I see guys who act cool very disgustingggg! Cannot stand it. Especially some people from my school. Hahahaha, yucks. They are trying TOO HARD to be cool. Hahaha, cannot take it. Not even cool! They over do it. Yaya, talk about this, I think guys who go around flirting also very disgusting. Hahahha. Act what popular only. -giggle- Maybe too despo. Hahahahahahahahahhaa! And think they are too handsome, maybe. Hahahha, okay lah, don't talk about people. -hitting my own mouth-

Awwww, I feel like eating shaker fries. ): . The new flavour seems nice. Teeheeeee. I waaaaaaaaaaaant. Sigh, xiaoqing please go on a diet, you're too fat. Kay, I end here. Hahahaha, Baibaiiii!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HELLO. I'm extremely hyperactive today since the last three periods in school. I started a THROWING WAR. HAHAHAHA. Not really. But I started taking things and throw at my classmates. For no reasons. Now I think about it, I feel damn stupid. ): . But classes are just way too boring. So... Teehee.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA CHENG. HAHAHAHAHA! Celebrated Andrea's birthday with, Jessica, Jasnita, Sharlene, Cassandra, Liz, Sijia and Gi. I swear it's damn fun. HAHAHAHA. Especially when I we went to Andrea's house. LOLOL! Once Andrea on the music, I started dancing like siao char bor at her house. Gosh. Hahahaha, I think I finally showed my true colours to those who don't see me get so hyped up usually. LOL. My foot got a big big big blister. Pain like mad. ): .

Sometimes I find it daaaaamn incredible when people can manage a long distance relationship. Lol. I think I'm damn cool if I can do it. (:

I'm very sleepy right nao. Hahaha, I need to chill down and get some rest. Teeheee. Byebye!

Monday, July 19, 2010

FUWAH, I saw handsome guy while walking home from school. -melt- He look like Tomohisa Yamashita. Hahahahahahhaa!!

Some people in class just pisses me offffff. Please look at yourself in the mirror before making unnecessary comments on others. I bet your mirror will crack. >:)

Anyway, other than that, I had a great day in school. Except for the part that I got scolded by teacher. LOL. Laughing like crazy in class with P. We're observing people in our class. Teeeheeee. I'm starting to love Monday. Yay!

Nice song. (Y) And Victor Kim from Quest Crew is so cute. He can dance and sing. Awww.. Hahaha.

And I think Quest Crew is awesome. :D

They are cool, kay bye.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hi people. Today's a boring day. I'm sleepy. I wanna sleep. ); Yesterday my brother gave me something cool. It's a super big chewing gum, BIG GUM KUMA. hahahahahaa. He said that it was from Japan. Wow wowowow. I don't bear to open. Too cute.

I'm bored. I did survey with many people. LOLOL. Went around asking, Whats your type of dream girl/guy. AHAHAHAH!! wtf. Many weird answers. LOLOL!

Bye bye.
HELLO PEOPLE. I went vocal lesson by Jae with girlfriends. Learn the song War by Jay Sean. I can feeel the sooong. So sad. ): . Hahahahaha. Then went off with P first. We went to meet cipto & hoon and another guy, idk whats his name. So damn boring. I was like watching them play dota for hours, standing. Loool. Then watch P play l4d. So I tried. LOLOL. I think it's pretty scary. Scare me to death, esp the witch. LOLOL.

later we dined at ashtons. Hahaa.

My p. Hahahahaa

Went home and webcam with this old uncle with white hair. So old.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I went to watch Despicable Me with my next door neighbour, xiwen today. Cute movieeeeee. Super cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee. Super duper cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Those little aliens and the little girl. Oh my god. I'm melting cause they are way too cute. Okay, shall not go any further. WATCH IT YOURSELF. HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAA. Was having little talk about popcorn with wenzi. Hhaahahaha. I loooooove those fully coated with caramels. Damn nice! Actually wanted to eat snow ice. But it was closed. ): Anyway ending post here, BYEEEBAAAI

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pimples are really pissing me off. Geez. There's something that I REALLY DISLIKE. I HATE PERFORMING IN SCHOOL WTF. ): . Sian. Probably it's phobia. Thanks to dance society, making me wear the bright red construction worker costume and dance. ._. . I'm scared... LOL. Maybe not because of that. Hahahahaaa. Maybe it's stage fright. Cause performing in school is a very different thing.

Right now, I'm craving for bubble tea. Haha. Where are you, my bubble teaaaaa. I want Eskimo Caramel Milk Tea! School is really tiring. Sigh, I need to sleep nao. Shall make a trip down to music garage later. but first, I need to sleep. Hahahehehahaho. Bye,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yet another boring day in school.

Sometimes, watching people who can sing well or dance well, motivates me. Hahaahaha, I wanna sing & dance like them too. Hahaha, well, sometimes I get pretty lazy.

Saw some waackin' video. Nice.

End post here. Goodbye.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SCHOOL IS BORING. Hahahahahaha, seriously super boring. So bored to the extend that, I went crazy. I mean, really crazy. Like, self entertaining. LOL. Hyped up. Went to opposite school hawker to eat bean curd as I've been like craving for it. And sadly, it didn't taste as good as usual. ): . Sucks. So I didn't finish it. Walked home with Liz, Jas & Sharlene. It was crazy. Hahahaahaha, we were all crazy. Did many crazy stuff. LOL. Hope they won't post the unglam video up. Else, I'll end my life here. Bye.. LOL!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Today I had a great day in school! Hahahaha, I swear liz is crazy over her zombie farming game. Did crazy stuffs with friends. Had much fun laughing like crazy. It's been a while since we've laughed like this. Hahahahfahahaha, I think scaring people is a fun thing to do. The best part is their expressions. I think something wrong with me. ): . I still don't have the appetite to eat. I feel like puking. Hahahahaa, pregnant with baby panda. Whose whose? LOL. I had 100/100 for 华文听写!Took 10 mins to learn only. Then teacher reward those who got full marks with candies. Hahahaha, bu hao chi, wo bu xi huan. Too sweet. I pity my english teacher. Always get bullied by my class. Poor mrs thio. ): .

I loooveeee today's weather. So cooling uh, should rain more. Rain more baby, rain more. Hahahah, baibai!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gosh, today is sunday. MEANS, TOMORROW SCHOOL! -SCREAMMM- Sigh, school seriously sucks. Hahahahaa. What to do. I feel damn sick. Totally no appetite to eat. Whole day like eat one bread. LOL. I think this is quite a good thing happy. LOL. Diet time. LOL! Sigh, okay, bye people.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hahahhahaha, this is a very random picture. I like, I like. Hahahahhaahaha! Didn't go school today, am sick. ): . Suppose to see doctor, but doctor close until 6pm then open. Went to meet wifey for lunch. Hahahahaha, ate Kimchi Fried Rice. Hmm, not bad, but the more I eat, I feel disgusted. Hahaha. Too oily. And I finally got to drink my bubble tea. Happy, happy. I'm coughing like mad. Zzz. Chatted with wife, slack awhile, talk about ghost stories. HAHAHAH, Damn scary. But like scaring ourselves only. XD .

Just now, I happen to see xiwen's facebook status. I laugh like shit. LOL. She say, "OMG THERE SOME CRAZY GUY WHO SAY HE WANN ASK HIS FRIENDS TO TIE ME UP!!!???!!!! WTF????? HIS NAME IS KEN ONG MING YUAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SERIOUSLY ANNOYING!! AND HE KEEP REPEAT THAT HIS MEN WILL TIE ME UP!!!!!"

Seriously very funny. HAHAHAHA, so bian tai. Hahahahahahaha. Hope she won't get tied up. AHAHAHHAHA!!! God bless! Planned to go break dance and LA hiphop class today. But I guess I should just rest at home. Feel super unwell. Oh man... Why I always get sick.. ); Baibai.


Hahahaha, just went to see doctor. Super nervous, I can't consult doctor alone. I'll always feel scared. LOL. The people in the clinic so talkative and lively. Funny people. When it was my turn, the doctor called, "xiaoooqiingggggg~!" hahahahaha! Then everybody else in the clinic was like, "xiaoqing qing qing qinggggg. xiaoqinggg." LOL. then got this aunty start singing, "qing qing he bian caaooo~" LOLOL! I couldn't stop laughing. The doctor is funny too. I walk in, I laugh, he laugh. HAHAHA. Non-stop. Weird clinic. He is very friendly and talkative, "Hellooooo!! hahahahhahahahha!! how are youuuu?! Good evening!!! hahahhahahahhhahaaha!! WAH, haiyooooo why your skin peeling? sun burn? did you use products for bleaching? is it itchy?" he had been asking alot and after so long then I got to answer him. LOL! Funny. XD. Good doctor!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ni hao. School is boring as usual. I very sure now, art paper cut is super hard. So not easy.

Tracing this is very hard. Need to be very neat and must have lots of patience. Especially those thin lines. Dang. Can you imagine I have to like cut out the small white parts out? Oh my gosh, it gonna be hard. Look easy only. ): . I haven't even shade finish. Blah, went home straight after school. I swear I gonna cough out blood soon. I'm getting sick. ): . Sian. I hate cough. Hahahahahaha. Alright, I shall end now. Bye.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello people! I seriously damn lazy today. Went to buy art knife for tomorrow art lesson else I'll be dead. and then I went out with girlfs, Jae and Pak to Just Acia for dinner. To celebrate Clarissa's birthday and also meet Pak. Cause Pak came back to Singapore for 1 week holiday after he went to Australia. After dining, we went to MG. Lois had krump session with people. Cool, cool. :D . After staying for awhile, I went home. I'm pretty tired now. Battery gonna be dead soon. Geeeezz. Alright, shall end here. Bye!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boring day. Went to city plaza with mum and bro today. Now, chatting with Claralalalalala baby on msn. I need to go on diet. LOL. And my acne problem is seriously, very serious. LALALALA say cut down on chili. Chili is my life. ): . LOL. Maybe should hear her advise. HAHAHHAHA.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Today, I went out with Wifey and Eggegg to Chinese Garden! We go there to picnic. Hahaahahaha. We took super many photos. Actually there are more but I only post a few cause blogger is really slow.
My pretty wifey.

Hahahhahahaha, eggegg.

Later, we went to Cheers to get some drinks. I don't know what happen to me, in the picture below. I remembered I wanted to act like a aunty but I failed to do so. Wife say I look like octopus. Hahahahaa!

After buying, we quickly head to Chinese Garden, Pagoda. Climbing the stairs is hard man. Need to walk damn long to get to the top. The view up there is pretty nice. But the weather was quite humid. I was hoping that it rains. I also prepared an umbrella. HAHAH! Egg egg cooked cream stew, jap curry and some crab stick, etc... Played with egg's Iphone. Very fun, cooking mama. HAHHA.

He even brought a bottle of chili. HAHAHA. And later, we went to walk around the garden. And it's damn nice, though it is a little bit creeeepppyyy.

Walk until leg tired! Then later we went to the nearest shopping mall to chill. Went to the arcade and played billiard. This is my second attempt in playing billiard. I tell you, I totally suck at it. LOL! So not fun luh. That was the most epic phail part for the day.
And then, we went home after billiard. Egg almost lost his iphone. HAHAHA. bai!