Saturday, July 3, 2010

Today, I went out with Wifey to Leisure Park and eat Korean Rice Cake. HAHAHAHAHHA. Well, it's quite nice, many sauce to choose from. Wife said, she follow what ever sauce I take. HAHAHA. And you know, I like spicy stuff. LOL. I took the sauce call, "Korean Spicy (BOMB)" LOL! Interesting name right? Got one more is "Korean Spicy (Tear)" Another one is, "Guess who am I? Level 3" LOL!!! Still got many others. But this three are the spicy ones. LOL. BOMB IS EXTREME SPICY ALREADY OKAY. I cannot imagine level 3. Wifey regretted choosing the same as me. (: . HAHAHAHAHA. she was suppose to enjoy the food but... Teeheee. :D .

Then later on, I decided to try Yoguru though I don't really like yogurt. IT'S NICE. HAHAHA. I'm in love with it. I still rmemeber once, I ate a very awful Green Tea Yogurt that wifey bought. Ewww, never eat green tea yogurt man. Sucks. Hahahahaha.

Later, went to wifey's house. Had dinner at her house. :D We were suppose to brain storm something but end up watching Chick vs Dick. LOL. Kaykay so pretty. Envy. Later we started talking about some life things that is missing. oooo Hahahaa, byeee!

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