Sunday, July 4, 2010

Awesome day with Selina, Jae, Klion, Junxian & Yvonne. :D . Selina sms-ed us to go Sentosa to sun tan while I tell her, I'll go there and sun block. We suppose to meet at 1.30pm and head to Sentosa. But we ended up going to Sentosa at 4.30pm. Cool anot? Moon tan already. We went to The Azzura to sit and chat. HAHAHHA. They played games and loser have to jump down the pool. And Yvonne is the chosen one. Everyone went swimming except me and Klion. So I be photographer. Sorry, my hand abit shaky. AHAHHA.

Jae's ultimate PLAAAA face.


Later we dine at Mussel Guys. Klion boss treat. Delicious foods. :D

After eating, we played some really tricky games, Art Work, number game, alternate universe(I totally cannot enter their universe) and Guess open or close game. These games are driving me crazy, especially the number, alternate universe and the idiotic open or close game. DAMN IT. I'M SO W-O-L-S. I admit it man. ): . So sad. But I'm happy that I got the art work game. Shall play with others. TEEHEE. Alright, I shall end here. Goodnight, baibai.

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