Monday, July 5, 2010

Today, I went out with Wifey and Eggegg to Chinese Garden! We go there to picnic. Hahaahahaha. We took super many photos. Actually there are more but I only post a few cause blogger is really slow.
My pretty wifey.

Hahahhahahaha, eggegg.

Later, we went to Cheers to get some drinks. I don't know what happen to me, in the picture below. I remembered I wanted to act like a aunty but I failed to do so. Wife say I look like octopus. Hahahahaa!

After buying, we quickly head to Chinese Garden, Pagoda. Climbing the stairs is hard man. Need to walk damn long to get to the top. The view up there is pretty nice. But the weather was quite humid. I was hoping that it rains. I also prepared an umbrella. HAHAH! Egg egg cooked cream stew, jap curry and some crab stick, etc... Played with egg's Iphone. Very fun, cooking mama. HAHHA.

He even brought a bottle of chili. HAHAHA. And later, we went to walk around the garden. And it's damn nice, though it is a little bit creeeepppyyy.

Walk until leg tired! Then later we went to the nearest shopping mall to chill. Went to the arcade and played billiard. This is my second attempt in playing billiard. I tell you, I totally suck at it. LOL! So not fun luh. That was the most epic phail part for the day.
And then, we went home after billiard. Egg almost lost his iphone. HAHAHA. bai!

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