Monday, July 19, 2010

FUWAH, I saw handsome guy while walking home from school. -melt- He look like Tomohisa Yamashita. Hahahahahahhaa!!

Some people in class just pisses me offffff. Please look at yourself in the mirror before making unnecessary comments on others. I bet your mirror will crack. >:)

Anyway, other than that, I had a great day in school. Except for the part that I got scolded by teacher. LOL. Laughing like crazy in class with P. We're observing people in our class. Teeeheeee. I'm starting to love Monday. Yay!

Nice song. (Y) And Victor Kim from Quest Crew is so cute. He can dance and sing. Awww.. Hahaha.

And I think Quest Crew is awesome. :D

They are cool, kay bye.

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