Friday, July 9, 2010

Hahahhahaha, this is a very random picture. I like, I like. Hahahahhaahaha! Didn't go school today, am sick. ): . Suppose to see doctor, but doctor close until 6pm then open. Went to meet wifey for lunch. Hahahahaha, ate Kimchi Fried Rice. Hmm, not bad, but the more I eat, I feel disgusted. Hahaha. Too oily. And I finally got to drink my bubble tea. Happy, happy. I'm coughing like mad. Zzz. Chatted with wife, slack awhile, talk about ghost stories. HAHAHAH, Damn scary. But like scaring ourselves only. XD .

Just now, I happen to see xiwen's facebook status. I laugh like shit. LOL. She say, "OMG THERE SOME CRAZY GUY WHO SAY HE WANN ASK HIS FRIENDS TO TIE ME UP!!!???!!!! WTF????? HIS NAME IS KEN ONG MING YUAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SERIOUSLY ANNOYING!! AND HE KEEP REPEAT THAT HIS MEN WILL TIE ME UP!!!!!"

Seriously very funny. HAHAHAHA, so bian tai. Hahahahahahaha. Hope she won't get tied up. AHAHAHHAHA!!! God bless! Planned to go break dance and LA hiphop class today. But I guess I should just rest at home. Feel super unwell. Oh man... Why I always get sick.. ); Baibai.


Hahahaha, just went to see doctor. Super nervous, I can't consult doctor alone. I'll always feel scared. LOL. The people in the clinic so talkative and lively. Funny people. When it was my turn, the doctor called, "xiaoooqiingggggg~!" hahahahaha! Then everybody else in the clinic was like, "xiaoqing qing qing qinggggg. xiaoqinggg." LOL. then got this aunty start singing, "qing qing he bian caaooo~" LOLOL! I couldn't stop laughing. The doctor is funny too. I walk in, I laugh, he laugh. HAHAHA. Non-stop. Weird clinic. He is very friendly and talkative, "Hellooooo!! hahahahhahahahha!! how are youuuu?! Good evening!!! hahahhahahahhhahaaha!! WAH, haiyooooo why your skin peeling? sun burn? did you use products for bleaching? is it itchy?" he had been asking alot and after so long then I got to answer him. LOL! Funny. XD. Good doctor!

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