Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HELLO. I'm extremely hyperactive today since the last three periods in school. I started a THROWING WAR. HAHAHAHA. Not really. But I started taking things and throw at my classmates. For no reasons. Now I think about it, I feel damn stupid. ): . But classes are just way too boring. So... Teehee.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA CHENG. HAHAHAHAHA! Celebrated Andrea's birthday with, Jessica, Jasnita, Sharlene, Cassandra, Liz, Sijia and Gi. I swear it's damn fun. HAHAHAHA. Especially when I we went to Andrea's house. LOLOL! Once Andrea on the music, I started dancing like siao char bor at her house. Gosh. Hahahaha, I think I finally showed my true colours to those who don't see me get so hyped up usually. LOL. My foot got a big big big blister. Pain like mad. ): .

Sometimes I find it daaaaamn incredible when people can manage a long distance relationship. Lol. I think I'm damn cool if I can do it. (:

I'm very sleepy right nao. Hahaha, I need to chill down and get some rest. Teeheee. Byebye!

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