Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I think today is a very peaceful day. Hahaha. Love the weather! (Y) Aiyo, wo de ma ya. I see guys who act cool very disgustingggg! Cannot stand it. Especially some people from my school. Hahahaha, yucks. They are trying TOO HARD to be cool. Hahaha, cannot take it. Not even cool! They over do it. Yaya, talk about this, I think guys who go around flirting also very disgusting. Hahahha. Act what popular only. -giggle- Maybe too despo. Hahahahahahahahahhaa! And think they are too handsome, maybe. Hahahha, okay lah, don't talk about people. -hitting my own mouth-

Awwww, I feel like eating shaker fries. ): . The new flavour seems nice. Teeheeeee. I waaaaaaaaaaaant. Sigh, xiaoqing please go on a diet, you're too fat. Kay, I end here. Hahahaha, Baibaiiii!!!

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