Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The day before yesterday, I had steamboat with MG fam. It was fun! :D

And yesterday, went to The Sail which is Jae's house to have dance session. Wahahahaha, Lucifer by shinee dance! Damn nice la. Session-ed with Jae, Selina, Yvonne, Junxian & Klion. Later, Lois came. :D . then later, we went back to Jae's house and we decided to cook our own dinner instead of going out and eat cause we have alot of left over food from the steamboat.

Busy kitchen, busy kitchen. Now, let's see our own dishes. '

This is cooked by me! :D. Crab balls, meat balls, chicken breast, crabstick & sausage.

This is by Junxian. Hahaha. crabstick, button mushrooms, sausage with cheese.

Cabbage. By Jae

Failed fishball soup by me.

Mushroom soup by junxian

Haahahhaa, it was really fun. Now, lets watch a video which teach you how to cook, your own egg. LOL. Cheesy omelette with mushrooms. :D By jae. LOLOLOL.

How is it? HAHAAH! Anyway, after eating, watching the fireworks, etc.. We went to swimmm! Swim with Liz and Klion. Jae, Lois and Selina just watch. ): . They can't swim due to their... Hahahahaa.

Anyway, fun day. Later I'm going out with Brenda. (: byee

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