Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bored. Welcome back to Singapore, Michelle Umma! xoxoxoxo. :D . When to airport to fetch Michelle with Jae and girlfriends. (: . Then went back to The Sail for vocal lesson. Hahahaha, Pyramid by Charice. Nice song. Hahahahaa. Then, we saw fireworks at there. It's just directly opposite us. YOG I guess. Didn't take photos of it. Was busy admiring fireworks. Wahahahaha. Michelle bought for us this very cute mask(picture above), Hahahaha. Damn cuteeee.

After vocal, went to City Hall with Lois, Selina, Liz, Jae & Danny for dinner. Laugh like mad. Jae made us laugh until can die. He and his craps. HAHAHAHHA! Can laugh until got 6pacs. Ching ching *_* .

My backbone still aching. ):

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