Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hi peeps. My heart is so heavy right now. ): .

Today, went to Sentosa with Michelle, Mei Zhen, Jae, Junxian, Selina, Lois, Liz, and woo fam, Young monster oppa, Hybrid uncle & youngster oppa. Today is the last day that I would see woofam because they'll be going back to Korea tomorrow morning. ): . I got school, then cannot send them off. Sad. We had lots of fun swimming together. They are such nice people and awesome dancers. Oh man. ): .

Young monster is really funny. Hahaha, once we left Wave House, he started tearing. Hahahahaha. When we parted, I cried. ): ): ): ): . Damn sad. But I hope they will come back again. I love them!

Picture with Young monster.

Picture with Hybrid uncle.

Anyway, I'm like a lobster now. I got very very bad sun burns. It really hurts. I'm dying. Bye.

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