Monday, August 23, 2010

Woo fam.

Last Saturday and Sunday was greeaaat. Enjoyed myself alot. Hang out with Woofam and MGfam. Hahahahah. Damn fun! Saturday, we went to eat balestier bak kut teh. Delicious. Then went back to The Sail to stay over with Liz. Got tortured by Hybrid uncle. LOLOLOl. Then they went to drink and chat next to the swimming pool. (:

And yesterday, there was a dance battle thing at Cine leisure. Then then, there was Krump battle. Michelle and woo fam joined. Wheeeee! Michelle got 1st for female solo for krump! and Woofam Youngster got 1st for the male. Good good. (: . Happy for them. ^^v.

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