Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shiok day

Hiii, lunched at Ashtons with girlfriends, michelle umma and meizhen. :D . Nice nice! Hahaha, I like the mash potatoooo.

Later go orchard wait for sis to knock off from work then go home together. Drank Happy Lemon's Blueberry Magic Burst. FREAKING NICE. MUST TRY OR DIE. :D. Limited periods onlyyy. The pearl is very specialll. It'll burst when you bite on it and it is filled with lemon yogurt! Very nice! Loveee. hehehe, byeee. and nice weather today!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello, I had crazy day in school. Funny max. Laugh like crazy in class. Enjoyed smacking Liz Teo. She can't stop irritating meeeee.

Love this song. They are awesome. :D

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey yo. I love panda. Do you? Hahahhahaa.

Awesome weather. Best best best for me to sleep & I'm so motivated to do maths. Don't disturb me, bye! Woooohooo.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Johor Bahru.

Hiii, I went to JB today! Like happy only. hahaahhaa. Cause I've been dying to eat my flavourite beef ball noodle, because, it's FREAKING NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Different style! hahahaha. So happpy...

After eating, went to Jaya Jusco to shop. I don't really like Jusco cause it's boring. Hahahahhaa. Nothing much to shop. Sit and chill at Old Town coffee shop. Damn nice. :D .

me and my er jie.

Oh yaaaa, I bought a yukata, which I won't have chance to wear. HAHAHA. But it's freaking cheap la. So I bought. Hahaha. Only cost 129RM. I saw cheapest in singapore is around 100~200sgd. hahahahhaha. Wheeee. So pretty. HAHAHA. I'm gonna frame it up. hahahhaha, just kidding.

After Jusco, we went to City Square! Hahha, I saw dolly wink. But no.1 don't have stock. Sadded. I'm dying to go KL and visit my cousins and shopping of course.

Alright bye!

First rainbow cake.

Hiiii, I baked a rainbow cake todayyyy~ First attempt. Abit fail but still

Mixing flour.
Mix colour..



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Panda day.

Today is the day. Yes, I'm not lying. It's the very first time, I felt like this, this miserable. It may be a turning point but.... (Shit! I forgot what I need to write.)
Okay, anyway, I know that universe sustains all human beings' agony. I know it's too difficult to understand but it's okay. I know I'm responsible for every single poke I have today. It'll be a scar forever. Yes, today is the day. The worst day of my life.

Hello, basically, I was trying to act as miserable as I could. So, I'm just crapping. Crapping yeah, not rapping. But seriously, today is really sucky because I kept getting disturbed by my classmates sitting behind me. Totally irritated. They just can't stop POKING ME. WTF. -'-

I went home after school, and it was raining really heavily. I was drenched even though I got an umbrella, why? Because I did a heroic act. Like... protecting my art works and let myself get drenched instead of my artwork? ): . AHHH CHOOOOOO. I think I'm very cool. ^^

Teehee ciaos.

Rusty is so cuteee. <3

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WARNING: Read @ your own RISK!

Hello humans. Today I met Rock Lee. She is Ha Gao, my classmate. Seriously, today is so much better than yesterday, because I got my revenge. I learnt that water + salt = acid + base = neutralisation. The ice in north pole are melting. Photosynthesis is the process where by plants use sunlight and carbon dioxide to form glucose as food. Lesson ends now. Bye.

Actually, I saw a camel-toe. But I also saw Doraemon and he dropped the duster. Basic Oxide is basically metal oxide and it react with acid to form salt and water. The lesson ends here again. Bye. Thank you everyone.

OH, I'm going to Night Safari during Halloween and I'm gonna dress like you. I'll poke my fingers into your nose. Ohhh, now I know you look like a fool in the foam. I wear my shoes without socks and I know it's gonna rot. And oh, I see a deer. But I have no fear. I cooked it with a crab and I don't care because I dare. This is a rap contributed by a rapper name Liz. Bye yo, peace yo.

Moon cake has Mid Autumn festival, why? Because I don't sleep at night. Owls can fly like a foul. You know you will be starstruck when you see me. Don't need no starbucks. Oh hey, I saw Hoon and he's a Korean. Liz is staring at me, like a dinosaur with no teeth because she have no leave. When I'm writing, MY HAND FEEL SORE. Which makes me feeling watching Saw II. And now, I'm gonna stop.

You have actually wasted 2minutes of your life reading the above nonsensical post. Byeeeeee.

And I went to eat snow ice with Liz, Fion, Chitsu, Hoon and Livia. It rocks.

this is Gina. Say hiii.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crazy day.

I've got a pimple on my lips. Seriously, I think it's very irritating. Second, I got hit on my left chest by a ball(it's true. T.T). Thirdly, I got no peace in school(my irritating and funny classmates can't stop poking me wherever I go) and I need to act blind in class(playing some weird acting thing with liz). FML.
What is going on? My goodness ma ma. I need to go to the toilet. But it's filled with shit.(that was totally random) I think the Earth is dying. I'm typing what liz said. Bye! I'm done.

Okay la, I was typing what I wrote in class with Liz. I begin with a word and she need to form it into a sentence. Smart? Hahahaha, totally no peace in school. Dying. ): . I'm going to take a nap. Goodnight.

Monday, September 20, 2010


That day went to wifey's house and and, Bella is very cute! Hahahaha, she kept licking my handdddd. So adorable. So fluffy la. Rusty also not so fluffy. Don't worry Rusty, I still love you though. <3 <3

Haiyo die la, I haven't study my bio. Geez. My art is incomplete tooooo. How how? Hahahaha. I feel like sleeeepingggg! T.T .

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Boring sunday. Omo.

Boring sunday..

Really boring.




that I vomited


Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yay! I just came back from Johor Baru! Hahaahhaha. Bought many things. And managed to buy my favourite snow skin durian mooncake. Pure durian. HAHHA. Mummy and daddy say, I might as well go buy one whole durian and eat. But durian products different okay. Different feel. HAHAHA. Ate sushi king for lunch! My favouriteeeee. Also bought Kate eyeliner. 10% off. It's good. I'm sleepy nao. I GO CHIONG ART. NIGHTS.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I had a very interesting Biology lesson in school today! Goat's heart! Quite disgusting actually. They poke the heart here and there. And it doesn't smell very good! Hahahaha!
After school, went to Parkway to find my aunt. She working alone, so I accompany her until she close her shop. Omoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I'm very tired right nao. I feel like eating durian mooncake! I can't wait to buyyyyyyyyy! Very nice to nom.
Omoooooooooooooo. Teehee! Bye!

Sunday, September 12, 2010



Friday, September 10, 2010


Hi low. Been so lazy to blog lately. Hahahaha. Yesterday went out with Jonas, Jiayuan, Xiwen, Clara & Brenda to mind cafe & then orchard road. I've been spamming Clara's and Jiayuan's camera. Especially Jiayuan's dslr. LOL. Canon 550D Hmmmm... pictures still with here. Here are clara's one. Hahaha. Lazy to upload all. :D . Quite fun today. love love. And I'm pretty cold nao. It's midnight. Hmmm. ): . I'm gonna sleep nao. Mum's naggginggggggggggggg. Hahahha. Byebye!

Me and Jonas.

Jiayuan & her dslr

Jy & brenda

brenda & clara

Xiwen and meee.

Thanks to jonas' hand.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I had a very bad diarrhea this morning. Almost died. See doctor, then stay at home, re-do my art research. Hahaha. Cause marine life is really hard to draw. ): . Can die.

But anyway, see what I draw!

okay la, I know abit fail. But.. never mind! It's just sketching! Hahahahhaa! Better than nothing. ): . Bored.. After so long I only drew two. Three more to go! Good luck to me! And I haven't do my 2nd stage of art. My god. By next week must complete to layout. ):

I shall continue drawing. bye bye!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aiyo, so tired. I gonna re-do my art! Hahaha! Damn it. So many to draw. Dieeeeeeee!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I went kbox with mummy and sister. Hahaha, Fun fun. Ate the super spicy ricecake at Leisure Park. Damn nice. And and, I wanna buy hamster! ): .

I'm doing mask now. Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack. It smells super nice. Damn sweet. I feel like licking my own face now. LOLOL!