Friday, September 10, 2010


Hi low. Been so lazy to blog lately. Hahahaha. Yesterday went out with Jonas, Jiayuan, Xiwen, Clara & Brenda to mind cafe & then orchard road. I've been spamming Clara's and Jiayuan's camera. Especially Jiayuan's dslr. LOL. Canon 550D Hmmmm... pictures still with here. Here are clara's one. Hahaha. Lazy to upload all. :D . Quite fun today. love love. And I'm pretty cold nao. It's midnight. Hmmm. ): . I'm gonna sleep nao. Mum's naggginggggggggggggg. Hahahha. Byebye!

Me and Jonas.

Jiayuan & her dslr

Jy & brenda

brenda & clara

Xiwen and meee.

Thanks to jonas' hand.

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