Thursday, September 23, 2010

Panda day.

Today is the day. Yes, I'm not lying. It's the very first time, I felt like this, this miserable. It may be a turning point but.... (Shit! I forgot what I need to write.)
Okay, anyway, I know that universe sustains all human beings' agony. I know it's too difficult to understand but it's okay. I know I'm responsible for every single poke I have today. It'll be a scar forever. Yes, today is the day. The worst day of my life.

Hello, basically, I was trying to act as miserable as I could. So, I'm just crapping. Crapping yeah, not rapping. But seriously, today is really sucky because I kept getting disturbed by my classmates sitting behind me. Totally irritated. They just can't stop POKING ME. WTF. -'-

I went home after school, and it was raining really heavily. I was drenched even though I got an umbrella, why? Because I did a heroic act. Like... protecting my art works and let myself get drenched instead of my artwork? ): . AHHH CHOOOOOO. I think I'm very cool. ^^

Teehee ciaos.

Rusty is so cuteee. <3

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