Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WARNING: Read @ your own RISK!

Hello humans. Today I met Rock Lee. She is Ha Gao, my classmate. Seriously, today is so much better than yesterday, because I got my revenge. I learnt that water + salt = acid + base = neutralisation. The ice in north pole are melting. Photosynthesis is the process where by plants use sunlight and carbon dioxide to form glucose as food. Lesson ends now. Bye.

Actually, I saw a camel-toe. But I also saw Doraemon and he dropped the duster. Basic Oxide is basically metal oxide and it react with acid to form salt and water. The lesson ends here again. Bye. Thank you everyone.

OH, I'm going to Night Safari during Halloween and I'm gonna dress like you. I'll poke my fingers into your nose. Ohhh, now I know you look like a fool in the foam. I wear my shoes without socks and I know it's gonna rot. And oh, I see a deer. But I have no fear. I cooked it with a crab and I don't care because I dare. This is a rap contributed by a rapper name Liz. Bye yo, peace yo.

Moon cake has Mid Autumn festival, why? Because I don't sleep at night. Owls can fly like a foul. You know you will be starstruck when you see me. Don't need no starbucks. Oh hey, I saw Hoon and he's a Korean. Liz is staring at me, like a dinosaur with no teeth because she have no leave. When I'm writing, MY HAND FEEL SORE. Which makes me feeling watching Saw II. And now, I'm gonna stop.

You have actually wasted 2minutes of your life reading the above nonsensical post. Byeeeeee.

And I went to eat snow ice with Liz, Fion, Chitsu, Hoon and Livia. It rocks.

this is Gina. Say hiii.

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