Saturday, October 9, 2010


Aiya shit, fml. I cutted my fringe myself. T.T . like shit...

TODAY, I went to eat Snowflakes with wifey! Delicious! I like! Chowa chowa! Teeeheee!! Wifey had Milk ice + strawberry. I had Yogurt ice + grapes. Very nicee desu!

Later went Parkway and walk aabit. Really abit. Then go East coast park and chit chat. Wife mind process very slow one.
Went to her house, had dinner, webcam, hahaha, chit chat.

Hehehee, that's allll!!!

oh ya, advertising~

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Cheap~~~! Leh long leh long. hnahahaahahaha!
Free casing too! So, what cha waiting forrrr?
Okaaay end.

Bye byeeee!

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