Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello people! I think my sleeping time is messed up. I sleep in the morning, wake up in late afternoon, and stay up till morning again. Man.. What should I do! I can't go on like this. Hahaha. Well, today is special. I stay up all the way from afternoon to morning to go eat Mc Donald
breakfast with my Wifey.

Awww, breakfast deluxe. Awesome. (Y)! I was really super sleepy then. Later, we went to walk Bella around. Hahaha, she's soooo so so so so adorable. And went back Wifey's house and play Audition. Hhahaha. And finally, I couldn't take it and went home to sleep. I slept at like 12pm? And woke up around 6pm. Hmm, just 6 hours. HAHAHA. I shall sleep early today! Hmm, what should I do now? I think I should watch some waacking video for new moves. Hooo.

Bye people! <3 (I'm having awful sore throat now. ): )

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