Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hi~ I'm here to blog. :P . Yesterday went to The Sail to decorate MG! (: Christmas is coming~ I can't wait! Went to Orchard Daiso to buy Christmas stuff to decorate MG.

Well, today, went to The Sail too. Oh man, the decoration is really nice. Shall show you.

Hahaha! I wrote that! Ugly handwriting, I know. But my snowman is cute. :P After decorating, went to Orchard Ion again to buy Christmas costume for my Darling Rusty and his bestfriend, Poker. :P . I shall show you what I bought~

CUTE ISN'T IT?! Rusty is totally bored. He hates wearing this kind of stuff as you can see from his expression. "Why you made me wear this kind of stuff? :/" LOLOL. Aigoo, anyway he look cute in it. Can't wait for Christmas~ Hehehe, shall end here.


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