Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hiiii, went to wifey's house today to cook. Hehehehehehhee. We cooked Carbonara again and Corn Stew. Abit fail. But nice. Not gonna go into details. CAUSE IT'S A MESS. HAHHAHAHAHAA. Hehehehe.

I look like a very kind house wife that would buy everything for my child. HAHAH. I think I'll make a good housewife. But hmmm..

'' Every Capricorn has two sides to their personality – an extremely childlike side as well as an evil side. '' '' The Capricorn’s retaliation method can be extremely cruel and ruthless. ''


After eating and chatting, me and wifey head to City Plaza to see clothes. Hehehehe.

Oh yaaaaa, I was gonna show you guys my nails! Hehehehe!
Is it cuteeee? :P

Bye~ Nights people!

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