Saturday, December 25, 2010


MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE! May all your days be merry and bright and may your Christmas be white!

I just woke up like awhile ago! Like 6.30pm? Hahaha! I was having fun yesterday, partying with family, friends, etc..

I went to cousin's house to party and countdown for Christmas! Steamboat and many yummy food. Best of all, the cheesecake. (: . I didn't have time to take pictures as I was busy eating! It was crazy! Many people and many dogs! Three dogs! Rusty, Poker and Xavier. All wearing their santa costume. HAHHAHA. SO ADORABLE! And then, we have present exchange via lucky draw! Hhahahaha! It was fun~ AND THE BEST PART WAS, XAVIER PEED ON MY AUNT'S LEG AND THEN FOLLOWED BY POKER THEN RUSTY. HAHAHAHAHAH!

After that, daddy drive me to The Sail to meet MG FAM! HAHAHA! I was abit high then. We play games, laugh and drink. Hmm. So fun and crazy. People were drunk, etc etc.. Hehehhee, I went off in the morning. Awww, so fun and tiring. Hehehe.

Oh ya, I chopped my long hair away. :P

Is it nice? Hehehe, bye and Merry Christmas again~

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