Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hiiiii, I'm here for an update. Well, as you know, I got sent back home on the first day of school cause of my hair colour. And I dyed it dark brown. Discipline Master wasn't happy about it, and he want it complete black. Like wth? Isn't dark brown our natural hair colour? What's his problem man. Sigh... Okay, enough of complaining. HAHAHA. Oh ya, the photo above is my cute little panda pencil case. Cuteee righttttt? ^^v

After school went to The Sail for photoshoot. Hahahahahaha. ^^v. I think it's awkward having solo shoot. HAHHAHA. Cause got eyes are staring at youuuuuuuu. But I like photoshoot. *_* Alright, I shall end hereeee. Bye~

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