Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hi peeps. Went out with MG fam today. Supposed to go cycling but changed plan to watch movie. Watching movie plan failed too. We ended up spending time and money at arcade. Hahahahaha, too fun playing with them. Laughing non-stop. King of Fighter suppperrrr fun! Hahahhaaaa! My hand hurts cause I keep banging the machine. LOLOLOL! Too excited, can't help it.

Bought a some stuff from Daiso. I saw this super cute mini bin. Hahahaha.

And also, thanks wifey for my birthday present. I love it. Thank you wifeeey! Love you!
(I think the panda very cute.)

Some people just have nothing better to do and go around criticizing others. Seriously, go get a life.

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