Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hihihiiii, I didn't go school today. Hihihiii. My nose is killing me, yes, killing me. I slept for like very long. ^^v . And and, met with Lizzie P at around 4pm and went to the street market at her house area. I know she miss me since I didn't go school today. She super noisy. And yes! I bought a new school bag! So prettttyyyyyy. So cute. ^^v. And cheap too. Good buy! Hahahhaa.

And Lizzie P saw this damn cute polka dot sling bag. She hesitate for very long then get the bag. I was like telling her, that bag is very nice and cheap so she should buy. Hahahahhaaaaaaaa! ^^v. So both of us got a red bag. Hmmm~ (Y). We'll be lucky since it's red. :P . And the best thing about street market is the food. LOl! Like tapioca cake. Wooohoo, I love it. :P . And also the Ramly Burger.

I'm so gonna use my new bag tomorrow. I can't wait. My previous school bag is brown and old. Sighhhhhhhhh. Alright, I shall end here! Teeeheee! Bye peeps!

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