Sunday, January 23, 2011


Today is appa's birthday. Planned to go Sentosa but failed. :P. Bought him a cake at icing room @ 313 somerset.

Cute? Okay bye~

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Hi! I went to watch Juste Debout Singapore 2011. First time in Singapore! It's really exciting. Especially when it comes to the finals. Popping final is really good. Both teams are really dope. Well, enjoyed watching it though I was really very sleepy as I was there since 12pm. And the thing ends at at 9pm? Ahhhh. Sleeepy.

After the event, Kyoung Mi and Kyoung Hwa unnie were both hungrrrry. Everybody were hungrrrry. So we went to eat at SPICE. Very nice, very nice. Very full, very full.

And and, we're going somewhere else together with them tomorrow! And it's gonna be DJ Mulder appa's birthday. HMM.

K, I'll update again tomorrow~ byeee!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Hiiiii, today was such a tiring day. Like, really tiring. Well, wake up at 6am, go to school. After school, had CCA until 5pm. Went home to bathe and prepare to go East Coast Park for friend's chalet. From friend's chalet walk back to Parkway Parade to take bus to Changi Airport. HMM. Seriously, from the chalet to Parkway Parade, it's freaaaakingggggg far. LIKE REALLY VERY FAR. CAN DIE. And also, I met two new Korean dancers. They are from Lockdorina. Aww, they are really friendly and cuteeee. And they can dance like super well. If I'm not wrong their name is Kyoung Mi and Kyoung Hwa. HMM. ^^v And here's a picture with them and umma. ( I look like shit. K nvm.) Hahahhaa.

And yes, let's continue. I went to Airport to fetch DJ Mulder appa with Lizzie and Lois. Then bring him to his hotel and later went to eat at LauPaSat. He gave us each a t-shirt as a gift. Ah, I haven't take a picture of it though. ^^v. Very cool. And cabbed homeeeeee. Like super tired. Reached home at 1.30am? Such a long tiring and yet fun day.

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