Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hehehehahahahhohoheeeeee. Wonderful day. Shopping spree @ orchard road with mummy, er jie and da jie. Wooohoo. Hahahhahaa. Bought many clothes from Foever21. And and I bought a new boots. DAMN CHIO, DAMN CHIO. :P . Excited for Chinese New Year yo! Shop for very long then sit down for a drink.

And then, we continued shopping and shopping. Hahahaha, damn siao. I'm shopping while worrying about my homework. My art not done, my social studies essay not done. So many. Die. Super sleeepy. I still got many more things to buy. HAHHAHA, NOT ENOUGH LA. OKAY LA. I GO CHIONG MY HOMEWORK LIAO. K BYE! LOVE YOU PEEPS.

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