Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hiiiiiii, I would like to share with you what I use for my lips. :P . Hahahhaa. I admit that I've nothing better to do. ): . My blog is too boring.. so... yup. Hhahahaa! Anyway, I have super dry lips and to keep my lips moist and smooothy, I used Body Shop Black Velvet Apricot Lip Balm. It's quite good. ^^ . Then, after applying that, I would usually use lips concealer before putting on my lip colour as I've dark coloured lips, if I wanna use light coloured lip colour, it might not appear as nice as the colour. Yup yup. And lastly, use your favourite lipgloss/lipstick! ^^v. (Ohoh, thats what wifey bought for me as my birthday present.) Hahaha, very sweet colour! ^^v I like.

Hihi, I went to Orchard Road with wifey today for some shopping. ^^v . I wanted to buy stockings to match my new clothes. Hahaha~ :P . Well, I hate it since it's like raining. Hate to go Orchard when it rains. Sighhhh, unexpected. ): . And well, went to Daiso to stock up my sweets. Hahahha, bring to school to keep myself awake in class. :P

I went to Sephora to buy this Anti-Shine Primer. I've tried using it once. It's really very good. It helps me keep your face getting oily and it keeps your face matte and fresh for 8hours while make up is on. ^^. I likeee itttttttt. My make up doesn't smudge easily and it lasted for very long. Bwahahhaa. It's good. Try it. Inexpensive too.

I shall end here peeps. Bye!

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