Monday, January 31, 2011


Hihiii, I'm here to blog for today. I didn't went to school cause my Best friend came and I went to see doctor. Kkk. Hahahhahaa. ^^ . Welll, the rain finally stopped. Then weather super cooling and nice. Love it. Best weather to sleep, don't you think? ^^

Well, as I said yesterday I was gonna show you guys the picture of me putting blue eyeshadow. HAHAH. It wassss jusst forrr funnn. I'm never gonna wear blue eyeshadow out. T.T . Don't have the confidence to. HAHA. The colour not very obvious in the picture. It should be dark than that. :P

Okay. There. ^^

Well, today I was supposed to go out with mummy and daddy. But daddy end up working until very late. Arghhh.. anywaaaayyyy. Poker is staying over at my house cause my cousin going overseas. SIGHH, POKER BOY VERY NOISY. T.T . I hope he won't bark in the middle of the night. Cause he's really like a baby, making baby noises attracting people's attention. Tsk tsk...

Andddd, I'm watching Family Guy and laughing like mad... HMM.

Hahaha watch itttt. Okok. Byee~

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