Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hiiiii, I ordered make-up brush set recently and eyeshadow palette from a blogshop. ^^. And I received it today. Yayyyyyy. Damn pink brushes damn pretty!!! And I choose the palette which have 120 colours. Cool? Damn colourful. My sis ordered too. She got the one with 78 colours. Have blusher included. Hers got mirror! T.T . But still, very nice. ^^v

Because I am super excited about my new eyeshadow palette, I tried to play with it. HAHAHA. Like really anyhow mix and match. I chose purple colour. Quite cool!

What do you think? Hmmmm? I shall try to play with the eyeshadow more and try many many colours. Heheheheeeeee.

Alright, shall end my post here! I'll go do my homework. T.T Bye byeeee!

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