Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR PULL YOUR EAR! Yesterday was performing for a countdown party with MG Fam. Heeeheee. I wished Rusty happy new year, and I pulled his ear. ^^v. Okay, that's random.

Met Selina, Junxian, Yvonne & Klion for dinner at Vivo today. (: We dine at Mussel Guys. Hahahaa. Quite nice. (:

Chatted for awhile and walk around Vivo aimlessly. ^^v. Went into Toysrus and saw this superrrrrrrr cute toy. Ahhh. Not really cute but weird looking.

It makes funny noises too. Hahahahha!

Yup, thats all. (:

So before I went to meet them, I was shopping alone. And I happened to pass by the shop that Xiwen is working at. Ooooo. They sell many cute things and I can't resist temptation so I bought some cute hair accessories.
CUTE ISN'T IT? ehehehehe They are cheap too. (: . And lastly, happy new year! Hope you guys have a awesome year ahead!

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