Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hehehe, hi peeps. I love today's weather! Super cold! ^^v. And as you seeee, I changed my blogskin! Nice or not? HAHAH! ^^. I spent 1 hour doing that k. T.T . I'm drinking hot choco now while bloggingggg. Hehehehe. Cool? And anywaaaaaayy, I create Twitter! For fun! Hahahaahha! Follow me okokokokok??? Follow me @qingqingx!!/qingqingx .

Well, well, I'm very cold but at the same time I feel like eating ice cream. *_* . Ben & Jerryyy. *_* . It's in my fridge.. *_* . Okok, endureeee, endureee. It's fatteninggggg. Well, I was trying to put on blue eyeshadow just now!!! HAHAHA, I look supa weirdddddd. I'll post the pictures up tomorrow! I shall go do my homework and stop using the computer now! Teeeheeee! Goodnight! Bye bye!

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