Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hiiii peeps. Had to wake up early to go back to school for CCA Open House. I swear the Principal talk a lot. The whole thing is delayed by 1 hour. Great. Our new principal is reallllllllyyyyyy strict. Damn it.

Just came back from Parkway with my second elder sister. Had our dinner, walked around, bought a few cheap shorts from Cotton On. So cute. >< . And went to Giant to buy ingredients for our dinner tomorrow. Heheheheheeeee. Well, now only me, my sis and my brother at home. (Rusty too). Cause my eldest sister went to Malaysia with my parents to attend my cousin's wedding. HMMM. They must be enjoying themselves now. T.T .

I feel like drinking green tea now. ): But I'm so lazy to go down and buyyyyy!!! AHHHH! Okayyyyy forget it. Bwahahaha.

Oh ya, I was answering questions on my Formspring yesterday. And I happened to see someone sent me a "question" saying that "you're ugly......" etc etc "wtheck." Hmm? Okay lah, just to make it clear, you can say whatever you want to say, cause it doesn't affect me. Well, I've never said that I'm pretty anyway. ^^v.

Oooo, I have so much to say. Quite a wordy post. I guess I shall end here peeps. Bye! Goodnight!

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