Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy CNY people! HIhiiiii, So, did you guys went to Bai Niannn? How many ang bao collected!!?!?! Hahaha! Well, welllll, eat and eat today. Seriously, CNY is the day where you just keep eating. LOL. Hmmm, steamboat for lunch, again.. LOL! Different soup base tho. ^^.

Well, went to Ikea at night with mummy, brother and sisters. Daddy didn't wanna gooo. He rather watch tv. HSHAHAHHA! Wth..

Hahaha, I love my Doggie top. So cute. London Calling. Hahahah! I tried putting damn thick eyeliner if you noticed. LOL! Hahaha, not used to damn thick eyeliner. When I tried to remove, it's like... @_@ . LOL.

And my new boots. *_*Something I must buy when I come to Ikea, which is the $1 hotdog. HAHAHAH! TOTALLY MY FAVOURITEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. HAHAH.

You see, I too excited so, ya, I squeeze until like that. :P .
Buy everything we need from Ikea and headed home. ^^

Reached home like 11 plus? Had dinner again, and thennnnn, went out to Mustafa with Sisters and brother. Hmm, bought a new watch! Hahahaha, I'm not the type who would like wear watch.. But I thought, it would be pretty nice to wear one. Hahahhaa.

After shopping at Mustafa, went to had a drink at some mamak shooop. It was like 4am already.. HAHAH. And a drunk man, touch my sister's hair and said bye bye. HAHAHA! Wtf... I laughed non-stop. It was really funny. HAHAHAH! He looked so happy while saying bye bye. So funnny. "heeey bye byeee~" Well, I shall end here kkkkk~ Hahaha, bye bye!

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