Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hiiiiiiiiiiiii. I'm out with Wifey today to Bugis and then to Orchard. ^^ . BOUGHT ONE NEW DRESS. HAHAHA. Love it. Whoo. Walked around and around. We can always spend forever inside Watson, Sasa, anywhere with many cosmetics. ^^v. Cool? Hahahahhahaa.

Well, I tried putting on red lipstick today. WHAT DO YOU THINK? LOL. Scary? Hais. I KNOW. But quite nice leh. But I don't dare to wear it out. T.T

Well these are the stuff I bought todaaay. New false lashes and one new magazine. Hehehee. Why kumiko so cute. Why tsubasa so cute? WHY?!

After shopping with wifey, I went to Orchard to meet my sistersss. Both da jie and er jieee. Walked around againzxzxzx. Hahaha. And then the end. Heheee. Bye peeps.

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