Sunday, February 27, 2011


I swear it's damn boring at home today. I almost died. Luckily, I thought of something fun that I can do to cure my boredom. I dug out my eyeshadow palette, make up box, and anything I see around me. First, I tried doing smokey eyes with black eyeshadow. Hahahahahahaha! Then, I suddenly remembered Michelle Phan's scary doll tutorial. Hahahah! So I took my sis's hot pink lip stick to use. HAHAHAHAHAH. I scare my mum. HAHAHAH! She was like, "Omg, what happened to you." Now, I know what to do when I'm about to die at home and let mushrooms grow on me. Hahahaha, do experiment, just doodle on your own face. HAHAHAH! K... and now that it's over, I've got nothing to do again. I shall go take a nap. ): Bye readers.

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