Sunday, February 20, 2011

A day out.

Hi readers. I'm here to blog. Hahahaha. It's sundaaaaaaay. So fast and a week is over. Hmm~ Both my sis no work today~ But sadly er jie went out with her friend. So left me and my da jie. And we both went to Liang Court and meet mummy. Kinokuniya on sales. And I bought some cute stuff. Awwwww. I bought a dman cute note book.

I don't really like winnie the pooh, but I think this note book is cute. Teeehee, it's furry.

And I was about to pay while I saw this dman cuteeee San-X character. I don't know whats it's name. But it's damnn cuteeeeee. So I bought. Hahhahahahaa.
Alright then, I'mma off to my dinner now. Bye!

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