Thursday, February 10, 2011

Green Tea

(I have hairy eyes.)

Hiii, sorry, I didn't update my blog yesterday! Heeheee, well, because I was really restless and tired after school annual road run. Gosh, I walked 4.1km under the hot sun okay. I used my friend's 90 SPF sunblock and it doesn't work that well... I gotten a little darker.. IAMSOSAD. Sigh... I reached home around 7.30pm? Shower and sleep. Hahhaaha, suppperrrrrr tiring k! ): . Plus my butt hurts. HAHHA.

Heeehee, don't you think the weather is getting hot latelyyyy? The raining season is OVER. Gosh, I'm like sweating in class while having remedial after school. ): . WELL, THE THING TO COOL ME DOWN ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS......


Hahahah. Kk, I know. :P . Green tea is sh0000000000 nice. Especially Pokka's. Teeeheee. But welll, too much sweet drinks can be harmful~

So you neeed, WATER.
Don't underestimate this thing here. It's gooooood for you and me. Hahhahaahahahaa. It helps to regulates our body temperature and and, we'll have healthy skinnn. Hehehhehe. I shall be extra healthy and drink 15 cups of water everyday. HAHHA. kk Just kidding. ^^v . I'm too bored. So, I'm trying to type a long nonsensical post. Alright, shall end here. Bye!

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