Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rusty so cute.

Well, pretty tired today. Cause gotta wake up early and go to school for CCA. Man... so tiring. Sweat like shit. Hahahhahaa. Welll, awhile ago, I was at Sheng Siong with my bro, mum and er jie. Hahahhhaa. Bought things for steamboat. At first we gonna have BBQ. But changed to steamboat, MM HMM. I think this is my 125th time having steamboat this year. Hhahahahahaaaa! Too many times liao la.

And then we saw this dman gross froggie. Eww ewwww ewwwwww. But it's nice ya. Hahahhahhaa!

Well, so, after school CCA, I was molesting Rusty with my sister. HAHAHAHA. Grab him and take picture. SO CUTE. He see me and run. Hahahhhahaha!

And here he's giving his paw paw to my brother. Hahahahahaha so cutee! Rusty, why so cute? Hmm?

Alright then~ I'm ending here aiiightttt. Byee~

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