Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Sail

Hi people, I went to The Sail today to celebrate Jae's birthday. Hahahahaha. Plan failed. :X .
Well, nothing muchhhh, just chill awhile, play with the webcam. HAHAH. I was like selt entertaining, laughing to myself while having fun with webcam.

And also, thank you Umma for the birthday present that I didn't go collect after so long. I love love love it. Thank you! ILY! Heheheheeeeeeee.

Well, I shall end my post here aye. Hahaha. Oh yaaaa, let me ask you somethingggg,

Lizard one and Lizard two is climbing the wall. Lizard one is infront while lizard two is behind. Suddenly Lizard two fell. Guess what Lizard one said to Lizard two? HAHAHAH! ^^v

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