Sunday, February 6, 2011


Good evening people! I went Fionn's house to bai nian today, with friends. ^^v . Oooo, ate lunch at her house. Heeehee. Delicious^^

Yup, and we were playing cards, etc (though I wasn't playing). I was like using computer with Liz, playing with hamster. Hamsters are so cuteeee. But they are not cute when they pee/shit on your hand! Sigh, that happened to me. Geez. Not very nice k. Hahaha! It kept biting me. $#$@#$#. They are trying to be funny! Even Rusty don't bite me! HAHAHA. Okok, enough of my nonsense.

Later we watched some Jackie Chan show. Rush Hour if I'm not wrong. And I got abit sleepy while watching and went home first with Liz. And noww, I'm go bathe! AND SLEEP! Hahahahah. Alright then, goodbye peeeeoooplee!

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